response to lakeside 227

If anything, you are making false but common miss assumptions. Btw, before the constitution there was the articles of confederation. But,then there was the coup. You may call such things assumptions, but this is history not of my making.

But answer me this. How does the constitution ensure the blessings of liberty? At the time of its acceptance, Who could it go after for civil rights violations? It wasn’t the residents in the states? Perhaps it was the making treaties with the indians.

But my argument about God is not one of belief or faith, but one of liberty. Because if rights come from men, then it is the preference of men that rule and their vices. This means that men define what the common good is, which is often to the demise of political opposition

if rights are defined by God, then men are free to make choices as long as they don’t impede upon other man liberty. After all each man is accountable to god and not other men except for property right violations.

This is not an assumption but one of logic and of reality. Even an atheist should agree with this but sadly public education is so poor that not even fools could understand this means more liberty, not less.

But of course its not really about liberty is it. Its really about ego and how the government does not reflect your values.

This is why so called conservatives are doomed. This is why they keep losing to leaders who throw them scraps from time to time but then abandoned them. They truly do not have an understanding of the constitution, nor economics, nor history. The conservative movement is nothing but a fading fad as such people are doomed. They have no history and soon no future. But nether do the liberals for that matter as those fools have no idea of what is going to happen to them. they will be worst off.

But don’t worry, at some point the government will default. And this will be good for liberty, but not those dependent upon the state. But it will also end your government subsidy and perverted view of what government should do.


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